In my full-time role at Natasha Denona, a renowned makeup brand, I worked extensively on the Circo Loco eyeshadow palette project. Within this position, I created a diverse range of assets, maintaining the same level of quality and creativity. These assets included eye-catching banners, color-corrected product, model, and swatch images, engaging weekly newsletters, captivating social media posts, and compelling Instagram stories. The visually captivating banners effectively showcased the Circo Loco palette, while the color correction of the images ensured accurate and appealing representation. Through the weekly newsletters, social media posts, and Instagram stories, I effectively communicated the unique features and application techniques of the product, engaging the target audience and promoting brand awareness. With my contributions, I successfully enhanced the visual representation of Circo Loco for Natasha Denona, further establishing my expertise in design and digital marketing.

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